Outdoor Climbing Trips

Along with lots of indoor climbing at our club nights, AURAC also goes outdoor climbing!

You haven’t really climbed until you’ve been outdoors. Being inside a gym clinging onto grimy holds is nothing compared to hanging off a rock ledge over a lake.

AURAC organises a few club trips to outdoor crags each semester. We have Mt Eden quarry as our local crag in Auckland, but there’s a lot more rock outside the city. Most of our favorite crags are in the direction of Taupo, with one or two up North.  While the AURAC committee organises some trips throughout the year, we predominantly rely on our members to suggest and run most of the trips.  Our trips officer (see Committee Contacts) is also on hand to help suggest ideas, and guide people on how to run their own trips.

The two orientation trips(one at the beginning of each semester) are the biggest of the year, where we introduce the new members to the great outdoors and get to know everyone. It is usually held at Froggatt Edge in the South Waikato, a crag with lots of climbs for all levels, and nice green grass to relax on.

Most climbing trips are on the weekends, sometimes with longer ones in the holidays. We organise car-pooling between members to get to the crags, and sleep in tents – so you’ll need basic camping gear to come along. Most times there’s free tent space if you don’t have your own, but a sleeping bag is essential.

Keep your ears open on club nights and an eye on the club email and our Facebook page to keep up with what’s happening.

A lot of AURAC members are also into other outdoor sports – if you’re interested in skiing, caving, mountain biking, tramping, surfing, sailing or something similar then you’ll probably find some of the climbers are keen to join you.

'Tony Tse climbing a V4 at Waitomo Caves' photo taken by Chelsea Zgierski-Boreyko.
'Miles Mason climbing a 22 at Froggatt Edge' photo taken by Chelsea Zgierski-Boreyko.
'Kat Collier climbing a 21 at Mangokewa' photo taken by Chelsea Zgierski-Boreyko