Everything you need to know - The AURAC Guide to Gear

The club has a range of gear available for free use by its members (within reason) to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to enjoy rock climbing without having to outlay large sums of money.

The list of gear available on club night and, by contacting our Gear Officer well in advance, to take on climbing trips consists of
  • climbing shoes (in a range of sizes)
  • harnesses
  • carabiners
  • slings
  • figure 8s
  • ropes
  • helmets
Once you get more into climbing you will probably find owning your own set of shoes and a harness much more convenient and this is recommended.  Experienced club members are always around for advice on gear.  For instruction courses such as lead climbing owning your own harness is compulsory/highly recommended as the club harnesses are not suitable for lead climbing.

Alpine Gear and Guide Books are also available for hire.