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Alpine Gear

There is a range of alpine gear available for hire from the Alpine Officer A deposit may be required (especially for longer trips, and those requiring technical gear). Fill in the following form to request gear (email/txt requests will not accepted).

As the primary hirer you are responsible for all loss or damage to the equipment. Equipment lost, stolen or damaged will be charged for at replacement cost at the Alpine Officers discretion.

You will need to have completed the appropriate level of snowcraft training (such as one of our snowschools) before hiring out alpine gear.  Use of club gear for informal instruction is not encouraged.  The gear available consists of mountaineering gear such as
  • ice axes (walking type, various sizes)
  • crampons (strap on only)
and safety gear such as
  • avalanche transceivers (BCA Tracker DTS model)
  • avalanche probes
  • snow shovels (various sizes)
  • emergency shelters (8+ people each)
and technical gear such as
  • technical ice axes and hammers
  • alpine ropes (8.6mm and 9mm)
  • snowstakes (with short sling)
  • ice screws (various sizes)
  • pitons (angle, knife blade types)
and guidebooks such as
  • Tongariro - a guide for climbers and ski-mountaineers (NZAC)
  • Taranaki / Mt Egmont - a guide for climbers (NZAC)

Standard climbing gear such as helmets, harnesses, carabiners and slings can be hired out from the AURAC Gear Officer.  We do not have boots (plastic or otherwise) or any other personal type gear available for hire.