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AURAC Guide to Gear

Gear availability on club nights:

 → On the Wednesday club night will have harnesses, shoes, biners and
figure-8 belay devices brought to the wall, roughly at 6pm. The gear will be collected to be taken back to the lockers at 9.15pm.
Friday evenings at Extreme Edge East (EE) we can bring gear, however you will have to email me ( before 12noon on Friday.
 → If you are ordering gear for edge night please let me know what you need (i.e. harness, shoes) and what size. I'm still not very good atreading peoples minds over email. Also remember that if you didn't ask for gear then you have no right to grab gear from the gear bag.
Monday evenings at Extreme Edge West we might be able to bring gear.  At the moment we are not going there as regular as EE so there is a chance that I am not going there. If you want gear you'll have to ask
me before Monday 12noon. Note that there is a chance that I won't be able to get the gear to you on Mondays.

Borrowing gear for club nights, trips and casual climbing:
 → If you want to borrow gear for personal use, club policy is "no  charge, but it's not free". This means you can borrow gear for any trips you are planning, any club trips you want to go on, as well as the usual climbing on Wednesdays and Fridays. Note that you cannot  borrow gear if you're not a club member. On the same note you (as club member) cannot borrow gear for non-club members.

 → If you want to borrow any gear outside the normal club meetings on Wednesday you will need to contact me, by emailing me at In your email you need to let me know:
 - What your memberships number is
 - What your phone number is
 - What gear you want
 - Where you're planning to take it
Note that it's considered highly impolite to just hold on to gear or grab gear from the gear box (or the locker!) without asking me first.

 → If you want to borrow gear please ask me for gear on time (i.e not an hour before you have to leave). If you want lots of gear ask a few days ahead so I can get everything collected. Any request that comes in too late (whereby late depends on the amount of gear you want, where it's located, whether your message woke me from blissful sleep
and what mood I'm in) may be denied.

 → If you want gear you will have to come collect it yourself. Small amounts of gear can be brought to the wall on Wednesdays, otherwise you'll have to come collect the gear from my house. The same applies to returns. Again large amounts (or large pieces) of gear should be returned to my home (not club night).

 → When borrowing expensive items of club gear (e.g. avalanche transceivers), or for large amounts of gear, a deposit may be  required. This deposit will obviously be returned to you when the gear comes back.

 → Please do not pass gear on to other members after your trip but give it back to me. It is very hard to keep track of where the gear is if people pass it around. Remember that the club has lent the gear to you which means that you are responsible for it. From my point of view passing it on to another person does NOT make that person responsible
for the gear, so for your own good please return the gear to me. Note also that I get very grumpy if I have to chase down gear through an interesting chain of people.

 → Please get the gear back to me as soon as possible after your trip.  In this case as soon as possible means before the next club night or within a week, which ever is earlier. If you need longer to get gear back to me please get in touch with a very good reason. Gear that is used on club nights (harnesses, shoes, biners, figure-8 belay devices)
CANNOT be lend out past the Wednesday / Friday except by explicit permission from me.

 → If any damage has occurred to the gear during its use (for example, taking a very large fall on a club rope), let me know about it so that we can take the appropriate measures. Be aware that such damage can be difficult to spot visually, so for the safety of you and others it is important to let me know. We do not charge our members for any damage they do unless it's due to the inappropriate use of the gear (e.g. using club biners to tow a tank out of the mud or running a steamroller over them).

Finally, over the last few years we have had trouble getting people to handle our gear properly or returning it on time. Unfortunately all the committee members are very busy and so we are not able (or willing) to chase up people who have borrowed gear. So please handle the gear with respect and follow the rules, otherwise we may be forced
to deny you access to the club gear.