Instruction Courses

To advance the skill level of our members and ensure our members practise safe climbing we organise a number of instruction courses throughout the year.  Some of the courses have prerequisites as they depends on you being proficient in the skills taught on other courses. Contact our Instruction Officer for more details.

All of the courses offered through AURAC are organised by volunteers who give their time freely.  Although every effort is made to make the courses as safe as possible, participants undertake courses at their own risk and AURAC takes no responsibility for any accidents that may occur, although this is unlikely.

The courses are


Here we show you how to abseil, a generally important skill to have especially when climbing outdoors. Abseiling helps reduce wear on ropes when it comes to getting down from a climb, since being lowered down wears the ropes quickly. In some cases it is the only means of getting down from a climb!

Anchor Setting

The anchor setting course covers the setting of climbing anchors for top ropes etc., equalising anchors on multiple attachment points, and incorporating backups into your anchor.  Being able to abseil is a prerequisite.

Lead Climbing

This will teach you how to lead climb and lead belay. Given that this is a reasonably demanding skill, you’ll need to be a proficient and safe climber to attend this course.  Being able to abseil and set anchors are prerequisites.

Climbing Techniques

Depending on interest we may run a techniques course to demonstrate some of the many, many climbing moves and techniques out there. This course does not require you to have done any other courses before


In conjunction with AUTC (Auckland University Tramping Club) we run beginners and advanced snowschools.  See the Alpine page for more details.