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Crag and route information

The AURAC trips guide can be found at the bottom of the page. It gives a brief overview of the crags nearby Auckland and the highlights of each crag.
Probably the most amazing climbing resource. In the world. FREE climbing guides for almost all the North Island crags. Great detail and local knowledge. Highly recommended.

The database of New Zealand climbs, crags and mountains is for everyone who climbs in New Zealand. 

A google map with precise locations for pretty much all the crags in the country.

Other climbing clubs

Discounts on huts, guidebooks, heaps of events. Also run many courses and members get a free copy of the Quarterly Climber magazine. Sweet!


Climbing shoe sizing
"Your Climbing Shoes Are Too Tight" (2014) by Andrew Bisharat, a veteran climber, writer, reviewer.  An article about picking the right climbing shoe sizing, and the dangers of overly tight shoes.

"High: Advanced Multipitch Climb"
Website for the ebook by David Coley and Andy Kirkpatrick.

Lots of common climbing knots, uses, pros, and cons.

Website with a huge repository of different knots (not just climbing), with instructions, and animation for how to tie them.

A 2005 engineering study of the impact of knots on cords and rope, by Dave Richards, Technical Director, Cordage Institute.

Ice screw strength:

Snow anchors:
  • "Belays on snow" (2005) by Gottlieb Braun-Elwert. Safety research article on snow stakes from "Alpine Recreation".
  • "Snow anchors" (2005) by Don Bogie. A snow anchor placement, strength, and safety study, requested by the New Zealand Mountain Guides Association and the New Zealand Mountain Safety Council.
The New Zealand Mountain Safety Council's free online avalanche education course.


New climber? Confused by the stupid amount of lingo in climbing? Search through this glossary and you'll find what you're after.

Professional Association of Climbing Instructors Pty Ltd (Australia) public downloads
An awesome resource for a lot of different climbing information. Knot studies, and tutorials, rope work, risk management, incident reports, and Australian case law on various legal aspects of climbing, amongst other things.
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