Upcoming AURAC lead climbing course

posted 13 Jan 2017, 19:45 by Tuan Chien

21 - 22 Jan 2017 (Sat - Sun - but leave Friday evening)

HOW TO SIGNUP: see James' email.

- Must be able to climb a minimum of grade 18 Indoors.
- Must have experience belaying.
- Must not be a complete muppet.


ALL CLIMBING GEAR WILL BE PROVIDED, however, if you do have your own, please do bring it along so you can practice with the actual equipment you will be using in the future.

The plan is to head to Froggatt on Friday night and camp at Wharepapa School by Bryce's Cafe ($5 per night).

Saturday will be spent teaching you how to lead climb with time for you to practice the new skills we teach you under the supervision of experienced club Instructors.

Sunday there will be further supervised practice along with the opportunity to be assessed as an AURAC Lead Climber.

For anyone who has taken part in the Anchor and Abseil courses, there will be the opportunity to be assessed on these also to become an AURAC Independent Climber.

See the accreditation process information below, further info is in the attached PDF (Taken from

Welcome back, 2016.

posted 28 Feb 2016, 00:50 by Owen Lee

2016 Calendar updated. Orientation trip and Ti Point trip sign-up now online!

Semester 2 Calendar updated

posted 7 Jul 2015, 15:12 by Owen Lee

The calendar for the first three weeks of Semester 2 is now on Calendar page.

AURAC Trips Guide

posted 29 Jan 2014, 22:55 by Callum Johnston

The aurac trips guide is now on the website in the links section! Enjoy!

Wednesday Club Nights back on

posted 4 Dec 2012, 20:56 by Callum Johnston

The wall is back again! Club nights are on Wednesdays from 6pm at the University Recreation Centre.

Wednesday Club Nights at the Rec Centre cancelled until further notice!!

posted 18 Oct 2012, 12:37 by Chelsea Zgierski-Boreyko

Hey guys, just letting everyone know that the AURAC club nights at the Rec Centre are postponed until further notice. If you're wanting to sign up please email the memberships officer and arrange to get a club card. If you're already a member and want to do some climbing, make sure you keep an eye out for emails regarding trips to Birkenhead rock wall and other various activities we're trying to run in place of club night. There is also always the Monday climbing night at West Edge and the Friday climbing night at East Edge which is still on weekly!! :-)

Banff Film Festival

posted 29 Mar 2012, 14:31 by Callum Johnston

Banff is on at the end of May. It looks like it is going to be awesome this year so I strongly recommend going! For those of you who aren't familiar Banff is a mountain films festival that is basically just films about the outdoors with everything ranging from climbing to diving, skiing to mountain biking and lots of other crazy stuff in between.

The link below is the trailer for the entire festival

The list of films that are being shown this year are below:

All I can - skiing
Blue obsession - ice climbing
Cold - mountaineering
Concrete dreams - skateboarding
Deepsea under the pole - scuba diving
The freedom chair - sit skiing
Hanuman airlines - paragliding/mountaineering
Kadoma - kayaking
The man and the mammoth - skiing
On assignment - Jimmy Chin - climbing photography
Race for the nose - climbing
Seasons: fall - kayaking
Seasons:winter - kayaking
This is my winter - snowboarding
Towers of the Ennedi  - climbing
Treeverse - tree climbing

For full synopses and trailers see

The shows are on 24th and 29th of May and tickets are available from bivouac and online - $22.00 for one night or $35.00 for both.

Details from the SGM

posted 23 Mar 2012, 21:49 by Chelsea Zgierski-Boreyko

Hey guys, in case you were unable to make club night on the 21st March 2011, this is just to let you know that an SGM (special general meeting) was held where we voted in Geraden Cann as Memberships Officer -due to the previous on leaving the committee due to other commitments. We also have a new position in the committee. That is for a wall officer who will be in charge of monitoring the wall and organising setting. This position was awarded to Jean-Baptiste Natali Ginoux, voted in by all present at the meeting. Congratulations to the both of our new committee members!!!!

Climbing Trips!!!

posted 11 Mar 2012, 14:54 by Chelsea Zgierski-Boreyko

Hey guys, if you have gone on an exciting climbing trip, where you have lots of photos, then I'd LOVE to hear from you! Please share your exciting tales with the club and email me (Chelsea) at with some pics and a brief description of your trip so I can upload it onto the website to share with the world.
Also, to help make this website more interesting, let me know if you have any cool pictures you'd like to see up here to help promote the club :-D
Cheers guys!


posted 27 Feb 2012, 11:38 by Callum Johnston

Hey all, here is the plan for the next few weeks of semester. Be sure to register online to get emails! Do this by clicking the large join the club button on the left hand side.

Orientation Week (27 Feb - 2 Mar)

So next week we have beginners nights at the rec centre Tuesday and Thursday as well as our usual club night on Wednesday. All are welcome to come to these but be warned that the Tuesday and Thursday especially will be particularly busy. Also anyone who wants to come along and meet beginners and help supervise is more than welcome. We'll also likely go out for a bite and a drink after each of these nights.

We'll also have slacklining set up from 4 pm in Albert park on Wednesday for anyone keen to hang out in the sun for a while.

Monday and Friday we of course have extreme edge as normal.

Second Week (5 - 9 Mar)

This week will be the same as first week except we will (most likely) be at the quarry on Tuesday and Thursday. We are still getting confirmation regarding access for the club so we will keep you posted.

Third Week (12 - 16 Mar) Orientation Trip!

Back to the usual Monday, Wednesday, Friday routine from here on in... EXCEPT O-trip will be this weekend, heading down Friday night, climbing Saturday before heading to Jones Landing for dinner and a bit of a party. Climbing Sunday and heading back Sunday evening. Sign ups will be $5 off during O week so make sure to sign up then.

Orientation trip is $35 during O week, $40 afterwards. money goes towards petrol, dinner on Saturday night and the bolting fund to make sure we keep getting new climbs to play on! Be sure to sign up and I'll see you all there.



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