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O-Week is almost here!

posted 15 Feb 2010, 14:17 by Miles Mason   [ updated 22 Feb 2010, 19:01 by Craig Smith ]
Yup, its almost that time, an influx of new climbers to be trained, new friends to make and a whole lot of awesome chaos. There will be more details available later but here's an overview of what'll be on:

Orientation stall:
Chloe will be looking for volunteers to man the stall during orientation week. Why do it? Its a whole lot of fun just hanging with friends in the sun, meeting new climbers (almost always really cool people) and doing your bit for the club. So if you're interested, make sure you send her an email.

Beginner's Training:
Just like every year, we'll be holding training nights so beginner's can get a leg-up into the world of climbing. These will be on the first and second Wednesday (from 6pm) at the Rec Centre. These sessions are free so even if you're not sure whether you want to be a member, you can come along and see what its all about. Also, we will be holding a couple of outdoor training sessions to prepare you for O-Trip. There'll be one day in the first weekend and then on weeknight in the second week. More details to come on those.

Mystery Social Event:
There will be some sort of social event held on a night in the first weekend, guaranteed to be epic fun.

THE biggest trip of the year, truckloads of fun, not to be missed. There will be $5 discount if you sign up during orientation week, so get in there! Places restricted to the number of available car seats.

So as you can see, we'll all be very busy. May it continue on throughout the year!