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Orientation Activities

posted 6 Mar 2011, 14:48 by Callum Johnston   [ updated 6 Mar 2011, 16:37 ]
Hey all.

O-week is now over but the orientation fun continues with AURAC! We are coming to the short side of the mount eden quarry on Tuesday and Thursday from 4 pm. If you don't know how to get there check out the Quarry page. You're going to the red dot on the maps. We'll provide you with all your gear just turn up and have some fun.

We also have our usual nights at extreme edge west on Monday, extreme edge east on Friday and of course at the recreation center on Wednesday. On Wednesday we are also slacklining in Albert Park from 4 pm. If you haven't tried it before you can find out more at Slacklining! We'll be near the fountain and have set ups for beginners so come check it out.

We have our orientation trip coming up. You can sign up at any of our club nights. The cost is $40 to cover food, petrol and bolting. The trip is from the 18th to the 20th of March. We leave Friday evening and come back late on the Sunday. Once again you do not need any of your own gear nor do you need a car or tent though if you are able to provide one that is helpful. It is a great weekend with every year just getting better.

Finally, if you have signed up in person but aren't on the mailing list fill in the join the club form. The link is on the left.