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Froggart Edge February

posted 14 Mar 2010, 14:40 by Miles Mason   [ updated 26 Mar 2010, 03:56 ]
It seemed like too good weather to stay in Auckland, so word went round that a bunch of us wanted to go climbing for the weekend. What wonderful spontaneity! You say you’d like to do something on Wednesday, and sure enough by Saturday the Chinese whispers have passed around the club (preferably without the gobbledegook-ifying of the message) and before you know it half of the club are arriving at the crag on Sunday morning rubbing their eyes blearily from having to have set off from Auckland at 7am.

Jörg, Addis, Drew and myself left in Jörg’s van of awesomeness (seriously, when the world has ended due to nuclear war and plagues of locusts are roaming the land, you want to be in this car) on Saturday night and had a fun drive on back roads, scrumping corn out of electric-fence protected corn fields, and eventually bumbling across a beautiful lakeside campsite where we spent a jolly evening of eating more carbs than is humanely possible.

The next day, the weather was incredible and the lead climbers in the group put top ropes up on a variety of grade 14-18 climbs on the hot hot main wall, whilst Max, Diana, Edwin and Chelsea had some fun on the slug wall in the shade. Jörg lead the scarily high and pumpy 18 ‘Terra Incognito’ which Addis seconded, Max and Edwin worked on the 27 ‘Automatic Dour’, Patrick and Joe lead an 18 and 19 to the right of the top ropes. The rest of us (Chloe, Kat, Emily, Drew, Andy and myself) had some fun on the top ropes put up. Actually those guys probably did a whole lot more than that, but I wasn’t always watching. I’m sure they did lots of cool stuff. Then it got burn-all-of-your-skin-off hot and we retired to the shade to eat more corn and enjoy the beautiful scenery and listen to the terrible unearthly noises that the cows in the neighbouring paddock were making. We trundled back to Auckland via Te Awamutu for dinner feeling like a good day was had by all, with that ‘nice and tired’ feeling.

So, a fine day’s climbing with a fine group of people – camping, eating, having a go at some climbs, being in a beautiful area with some cool people; another great AURAC weekend.

Photos and Text by Lucy McGee