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committee role descriptions

Feel free to ask any of the current committee if you have any questions about any of the roles!


  • Executive committee member

  • Delegate tasks and responsibilities to other committee members as necessary. Act as a mediator amongst committee

  • When necessary, act as figurehead and main representative of club

  • Signatory on AURAC bank account

  • Liase with UoA (along with memberships, secretary, and treasurer) through email and Engage

  • Speaker at AGM & SGM’s. Ensure the club runs smoothly by effectively overseeing all committee members

  • Drive continuous improvement of the club; maintain best practices in all aspects possible

  • Along with rest of committee, try to the best of ability to represent best interests of club and its members


  • Executive committee member

  • The custodian of club's offical documents

  • Fulfilling fiduciary duties for the benefit of the club

  • Calling meetings, and taking true and accurate meeting minutes


  • Executive committee member

  • Responsible for the club’s finances

  • Audit and keep track of the year’s financial accounts

  • Applying for grants, making bank transactions, and reporting on the financial situation etc.

  • This position involves heavy liaising and coordination with other committee members during decision-making processes


  • Organising the club stall for the University Club Expo at the start of each semester; e.g. organising volunteers, EFTPOS machine, stall set-up and booking, etc.

  • Responsible for membership; monitoring the sign-up form and bank account, adding people to the mailing list, distributing membership cards, taking membership sign-ups at club nights

  • Answers general club enquiries from prospective members via email



  • Stores the gear

  • Coordinates gear hire for members appropriate to accreditation level

  • Must be prepared to sort out gear for club-organised trips specifically


  • Organises the two big trips of the year, orientation trip and re-orientation trip

  • Persuades other committee members and club members to organise other trips


  • Liaises with Birkenhead Pool and Leisure Centre regarding club nights

  • Organises club night carpooling and information



  • Organises instruction courses: abseil, anchor setting, lead climbing, and more

  • Implements the safety management plan

  • Organises other instructors availability to organize courses, along with assessing people as necessary to ensure they have the skill set necessary



  • Ensures safety management practices are maintained

  • Take note of any accidents or injuries that occur within the club with a safety register

Socials (x2)

  • Organises social events to encourage club members to mix and mingle with each other 

  • Ideas for social events include: pub quizzes, film nights, balls, indoor climbing gym events


Access and Conservation

  • Liaises with people involved with access and conservation in climbing in New Zealand

  • Communicates with club members about what they can do to protect crags

  • Organises events such as working bees or crag clean ups


  • The Mountaineer in Chief: taking the club to new heights

  • Organises snow schools; beginner and advanced

  • Helps in the running of alpine trips

  • Takes care of alpine gear

  • Works in conjunction with the AUTC officer



  • Organising the website

  • Maintaining Google suite


General (x2) 

  • Offer help to other committee members where necessary

  • Gain insight into what it is like to be a committee member

  • Has to be a University of Auckland student


Advisory (x2)

  • Actively keep up to date with University of Auckland Campus Life’s regulations, guidelines, and other changes within the university institution relevant to the AURAC’s operations and interests

  • Actively keep up to date with entities related to AURAC’s operations and interests—for example, New Zealand Alpine Club and Aotearoa Climbing Access Trust

  • Stay informed and alert about internal and external matters that have happened recently or may arise from our club’s activities

  • Must have been an AURAC committee member for at least two full terms

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