This gear loan policy sets out the terms and conditions of the loaning of club gear to current club members in accordance with the clubs safety management plan. Please read the policy carefully.

Current AURAC members may borrow gear from AURAC free of charge. By doing, so they accept the terms and conditions of this AURAC Gear Loan Policy stated below.

how to request club gear

  1. Fill out both the Gear and Intentions form found at 

  2. Please give at least 3 days’ notice before the date of gear being needed.

  3. Please contact the gear officer after submitting the form if you haven’t heard from them within 2 to 3 days.

  4. Pickup will be at National Mini Storage in Parnell.

  5. Gear must be returned in a reasonable time frame following the end of use date indicated on the gear form.

  6. Gear must be returned in a neat and tidy manner;

    • Ropes butterfly coiled with velcro ID if applicable

    • Slings untied and daisy looped

    • Quickdraws in sets of 6

    • Rope bags are shaken out


  • Climbing shoes

  • Harnesses (both lead climbing and top rope)

  • Helmets

  • Belay devices (ATCs, figure eights and Gri Gris)

  • Carabiners (locking and snapgates)

  • Quickdraws

  • Tape/slings (various lengths, sewn loops and unsewn)

  • Ropes (indoor and outdoor; various lengths)

  • Boulder pads

  • Trad gear

  • Alpine gear (contact the Alpine Officer)


  • The club member who loans the gear is ultimately responsible for it.

  • The club member should use club gear with care and respect.

  • The club member should not pass the gear on to another member unless he/she has contacted the gear officer AND filled out the forms for gear hire to keep track.

  • Club members cannot pass club gear on to non-members without consent from the Gear Officer.

  • The gear officer can recall gear at any time due to; high demand, maintenance/safety, large club trips, or concern over whereabouts of gear. In this case, the gear officer will give a minimum 72 hours notice to the club member.

  • Club gear is not to be taken out of New Zealand without prior consent from Gear Officer.


  • If a club member notices any damaged gear or has any safety concerns with any club gear they must report it to the gear officer ASAP regardless of whether they were responsible for causing the damage/issue.

  • AURAC acknowledges that rock climbing equipment is subject to wear and tear and will not hold any member accountable for wear and tear resulting from normal use.

  • The member may be held partially or fully accountable for wear and tear or damage to club gear from negligent use.

  • The member can be held fully accountable for club gear that is lost.


We have a 3-strike system for all gear rental.

  • Conditions in which a user will be assigned a strike include, but are not limited to:
            o Failure to return the gear in a timely manner
            o Failure to return all equipment borrowed
            o Failing to declare any damages or defects in gear
            o Failing to transfer gear in the correct procedure 

  • If one gets a strike, they will be immediately notified and given a chance to explain why they shouldn't have it. The priority of gear rental will be given to those with lesser strikes. If you receive 3 strikes, you are suspended from borrowing any gear. Strikes can be removed by a kind donation of time or goods to AURAC (on a case-by-case basis).

If you have any queries, please contact our Gear Officer.