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AURAC Gear Loan Policy

This gear loan policy sets out the terms and conditions of the loaning of club gear to current club members in accordance with the clubs safety management plan.

Current AURAC members may borrow gear from AURAC free of charge. By doing so they accept the terms and conditions of this AURAC Gear Loan Policy.

How to request club gear

  1.  Fill out the Gear and Intentions form found at the link HERE

  2. The gear officer will make contact with you to arrange pick up. If you have not heard from the gear officer within 48 hours, email them at

  3. Request gear as far in advance as possible to increase the likelihood of gear being available and to give ample time to arrange getting off Gear Officer.


Requirements for borrowing gear

  • Non Technical Climbing equipment may be loaned to any current club member.

  • Technical Climbing Equipment will only be loaned to current club members who are accredited to the relevent level as stipulated in AURAC’s safety management plan which can be found at;


General Conditions of Gear loan

  • The club member who loans the gear is ultimately responsible for it.

  • Club member should use club gear with care and respect.

  • The club member should not pass the gear on to another person unless he/she has contacted the gear officer to approve this.

  • If the club member does pass gear onto another person, he/she still remains responsible for it’s return and any damage to it.

  • Gear should be returned in a reasonable time frame. The gear officer may need to recall gear at any time due to; high demand, maintenance/safety, large club trips, or concern over whereabouts of gear. In this case the gear officer will give at minimum 72 hours notice to the club member.

  • Club gear is not to be taken out of the country without prior consent from Gear Officer.

  • The gear officer may at his/her discretion refuse to loan gear to a member for reasons including but not limited to; History of returning gear later than agreed upon, history of damaging or losing club gear, history of loaning gear onto other people.

  • Club members may not pass club gear on to non members without prior consent from gear officer.

  • Gear must be returned in a neat and tidy manner;

    • Ropes butterfly coiled with velcro ID if applicable

    • Slings untied and daisy looped

    • Quickdraws in sets of 6

    • Rope bags shaken out

Damage to Club Gear

  • If a club member notices any damaged gear or has any safety concerns with any club gear they must report it to the gear officer ASAP regardless of whether they were responsible for causing the damage/issue.

  • AURAC acknowledges that rock climbing equipment is subject to wear and tear and will not hold any member accountable for wear and tear resulting from normal use.

  • The member may be held partially or fully accountable for wear and tear or damage to club gear from negligent use.

  • The member can be held fully accountable for club gear that is lost.

The following is a non exhaustive list of club gear available to members for loan

  • Climbing Shoes

  • Harnesses (Not ideal for lead climbing)

  • Helmets

  • Belay Devices (ATC’s, Figure Eights, Gri Gri’s, and a single lonesome ATC Guide)

  • Carabiners (Locking and Non Locking)

  • Quickdraws

  • Tape/Slings (Various lengths, Sewn Loops and Unsewn)

  • Ropes (Indoor and Outdoor)

  • Boulder Pads

  • Trad Gear

  • Guide Books

  • Tents

  • Alpine Gear (contact Alpine Officer –