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Club Night

Kia ora koutou!

Last weekend saw our biggest o-trip ever and we had a brilliant time taking over the Wharepapa Rock and Waipari crags! Keep your climbing buzz going this week by coming along to club night:

Club Night

🧗 Club night is on Wednesday 7-9pm at Birkenhead Pool and Leisure Center, 46 Mahara Avenue. Signup for climbing or carpooling - note that signups close Tuesday 7pm. If you are available to drive people from uni to Birkenhead then please let us know in the form too!

⚠️ From this week, AURAC will no longer be paying to hire harnesses from Birkenhead. If you need to borrow gear at club night then it will be first-in-first-served to use our AURAC gear, otherwise you will need to pay to hire from the front desk.

Introducing... ✨Technique Tips✨ Starting this week, every club night will feature a ~15 minute workshop from one of our talented AURAC members to share a new climbing skill or technique! This week's Technique Tip will be lead by our president, Kiera. She'll be talking about how to use your legs to climb efficiently - if you're keen to learn then pop into the upstairs teaching room at 8pm. Here's a cool video to get your head in the game: How To: Pump Control And Efficient Resting While Climbing | Climbing Daily Ep. 719. We'll also be leading a quick warm up at the start of club night - keep an eye out for Berit if you want to join for a warm up before getting on the wall.

Please get in touch with any questions & have a great week!

Caitlin Ryan (they/she)
AURAC wall officer

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