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social events

Along with climbing trips, AURAC also organises many social events to have a bit of fun and enable you to get to know the other fantastic people in the club.  Stay up to date via our calendar. If you have any queries, please contact our Socials Officers.

Examples of our social events:

  • Slacklining (especially in summer)

  • Themed costume climbing nights

  • Bouldering competitions

  • The Outdoor Clubs Ball (in conjunction with the other UoA outdoor clubs)

  • Climbing film festivals and movie nights; e.g. Reel Rock, Banff Mountain Film Festival

  • Crate stacking

  • Quiz nights

  • ... and more!

We also have an annual competition for the design of our club merch! Our members can buy a range of clothing items with our custom design in many colours.

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