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Abseil Evening

This course will cover how to safely clean outdoor sport routes and get your gear off the climb.

Time & Location: Tuesday 4th April, 6 pm - 9 pm (Hopefully won't take the whole time slot), City Campus

Abseil Evening

Now that you've had time to practice your climbing and experience the wonderful world of outdoor climbing, it's time for you to learn some more advanced skills! This semester we will be running abseil, anchor, and lead climbing courses, which is everything you need to become an independent climber.

Note that once you complete these courses, you will still need to be assessed by an AURAC assessor to be marked off as an independent climber. None of these courses have any prerequisites, but it is recommended that you can comfortably climb at least 17/18 indoor, or 15 outdoor, although this isn't a strict requirement.

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