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Access & Conservation

AURAC is committed to maintaining positive and meaningful relationships with:

Private landowners

Māori: tangata whenua, iwi, and hapū

The general public


Other climbers

Other outdoor pursuits organisations

AURAC is committed to instilling the following values in our outdoor pursuits:​


Open communication with all relevant parties

Minimising environmental impact and improving sustainability; 'leave no trace'

Upholding safety

Listening to criticism and concern; then improving our practices

Having an Access & Conservation officer on our committee

We make these commitments, so that:

Access to rock climbing in Aotearoa (New Zealand) is maintained where appropriate

Whenua (land) is conserved, respected, and protected

What can I do?

Remember that access is a privilege and not a right

Respect the rules of the crag:

Research the crag before you visit; check in the guide or online what the rules are

These rules usually include: light no fires, bring no dogs, leave no rubbish or trace, control noise and music, sign in or call/email ahead to say that you are visiting, don't destroy any flora or fauna, don't disturb any animals, clean chalk

If you are a developer, check the rules surrounding bolting

Communicate any incidents that occur with the people that manage the land and the Safety Officer

Don't visit crags that are closed

Consider donating to the people that manage the land and other funds

If you see people (climbers or not) breaking the rules, ask them to stop

Educate yourself and others on kaitiakitanga principles, as well as tangata whenua views on the land you are visiting and climbing/bolting

Attend events such as crag clean ups, panel discussions, and working bees

Communicate with our Access & Conservation officer

Join NZ Climbing Facebook groups and stay informed of access & conservation current issues

If you have any queries, please contact our Access & Conservation Officer.

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