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Hire Details

Please fill in your details and what you would like to hire. The gear officer will be in contact with you to arrange gear pick-up and return.

If you have any questions, contact the gear officer at: [email protected] (Isaac Hook)

This form is not for alpine gear hire. Contact the alpine officer directly for alpine gear hire at: [email protected] (Adain Sarginson)

Please read the gear policy before requesting gear hire:


You must be a CURRENT AURAC member in order to hire gear AND be accredited within the club to hire certain gear (i.e., ropes, draws)


You are responsible for the gear you hire, not someone else in your party. Handing gear to other people without checking with the gear officer will result in a strike against you.


Key changes for 2024:

  • Gear pick up and drop off during the semester will be on Wednesdays at club night, or on Tuesday at UoA campus. For larger hires (e.g. boulder pads) at our gear locker on The Strand, Parnell.   

  • The maximum gear hire period is 2 months for most gear, but 3 weeks for climbing shoes. 

  • If the gear is returned late you will be subject to a late fee. This will occur if you fail to contact Isaac to organize gear drop-off within 4 days after the ‘Gear Return Date’ indicated by you on the gear form. Please see the policy for more information. 

If you're having trouble accessing the form, please check you are only logged into a single google account, or open the link in incognito mode.

Please note this is a new system, so reach out with any difficulties/feedback @ [email protected] 

We will endeavour to improve/fix any flaws that may arise

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