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access & conservation





AURAC is committed to maintaining positive and meaningful relationships with:

  • Private landowners

  • Māori: tangata whenua, iwi, and hapū

  • The general public

  • Developers

  • Other climbers

  • Other outdoor pursuits organisations

AURAC is committed to instilling the following values in our outdoor pursuits:​

  • Kaitiakitanga

  • Open communication with all relevant parties

  • Minimising environmental impact and improving sustainability; 'leave no trace'

  • Upholding safety

  • Listening to criticism and concern; then improving our practices

  • Having an Access & Conservation officer on our committee

We make these commitments, so that:

  • Access to rock climbing in Aotearoa (New Zealand) is maintained where appropriate

  • Whenua (land) is conserved, respected, and protected

what can I do?

  • Remember that access is a privilege and not a right

  • Respect the rules of the crag:

    • Research the crag before you visit; check in the guide or online what the rules are

    • These rules usually include: light no fires, bring no dogs, leave no rubbish or trace, control noise and music, sign in or call/email ahead to say that you are visiting, don't destroy any flora or fauna, don't disturb any animals, clean chalk

    • If you are a developer, check the rules surrounding bolting

    • Communicate any incidents that occur with the people that manage the land and the Safety Officer

    • Don't visit crags that are closed

    • Consider donating to the people that manage the land and other funds

  • If you see people (climbers or not) breaking the rules, ask them to stop

  • Educate yourself and others on kaitiakitanga principles, as well as tangata whenua views on the land you are visiting and climbing/bolting

  • Attend events such as crag clean ups, panel discussions, and working bees

  • Communicate with our Access & Conservation officer

  • Join NZ Climbing Facebook groups and stay informed of access & conservation current issues

If you have any queries, please contact our Access & Conservation Officer.

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