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We encourage all of our members to run a climbing trip!

You don't have to be a committee member or be experienced to run a trip.

Want to run a trip but don't know where to begin? Here's a quick guide to getting you and your friends climbing.


First things first; where are you going to go? We are lucky to have an abundance of crag choices in New Zealand. Here are a few great crags to get you started;

North Island:

Waipari, Mangorewa Gorge, Kawakawa Bay, Buck Rock, Waipapa, Waitomo, Sheridan, Tukino, Mangatepopo Valley, Ti Point, Waiheke Island, Maungarei Springs

South Island:

Paynes Ford, Pohara, Castle Hill, Wanaka & Queenstown regions


Planning your time is a significant aspect of your trip. Consider how long it will take to get to the car park as well as the walk in/out. Are you familiar with the area? Will there be daylight when you arrive/leave?


Knowing what the conditions are going to look like will affect both your ability to climb and your enjoyment levels. Make sure everyone in the group is aware of what the weather will look like, and if they have packed the appropriate gear for the trip.

Advertising the Trip

Advertise your trip via email to the mailing list:, email Tech to have the event put up on the website, or even put it up on the AURAC Facebook page.

Things to include in your email:

Trip itinerary

Estimated costs

Packing list

Crag rules

Required experience level

A link to a sign-up form

A car-pooling option

Here is an example sign-up form

Some additional thoughts

Request permission to host a trip before you advertise it.

Share in Facebook climbing groups if you plan to bring a large group to a crag

Consider limiting sign-ups (and turning off Google form responses if you do so)

It is good practice to give the gear officer 5 days notice before gear pickup

Book accommodation/camp sites if necessary or arrange tents

Instructors generally don't pay if they're instructing on the trip

Payment is an indication of a confirmation of a place on the trip; email those who are confirmed to attend the trip

Take lots of photos so we can share them with the club

Write up a trip report for our blog Lay Back

Hiring Gear

Part of your AURAC membership includes free gear hire. We expect you to take care of this gear and return it in good condition. Some gear requires a level of accreditation to hire. See Getting Accredited to gain access to this gear.

If you require any extra gear for your trip, visit Gear Hire and fill in a form

Make sure to fill out the intentions section of the form too


Know who is in charge of instruction and have an instruction/safety plan:

Consider the level of the trip: beginner, intermediate or advanced

Know how the attendees of your trip are categorised within AURACs Accreditation System and their experience

Trip ratios must not exceed 1 instructor/assessor : 3 beginners. Lead climbers and independent climbers are allowed to do certain things without supervision

Bring a first aid kit and if necessary, a PLB

Be aware of any medical conditions your attendees have

People should not attend the trip if sick and will be refunded

Have a weather plan

If there are any incidents, report them to the Safety Officer

If you have any queries, contact the Trips Officer.

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