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Club Night

Gooooood morning AURAC!

🧗Club night is on this Wednesday 7-9pm at Birkenhead Pool and Leisure Center, 46 Mahara Avenue.

Note that signups close Tuesday 7 pm.

Club Night

Big thanks to everyone who jumped in last week and offered to drive when we were short on seats for club night! We are chronically low on drivers so if you are able to take a carload of climbers with you to Birkenhead, we'd be very grateful for your time (and your passengers will contribute $$ towards your petrol costs!)

See the form here for more info and to sign up for climbing or carpooling.

🌟 As everyone is getting busier at the end of semester, Technique Tips will be going on hold for now.

See ya on Wednesday ✌️
Caitlin Ryan (they/she)
AURAC wall officer

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