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Wairere Boulder Trip

Kia ora AURACians!

We are excited to announce a trip to Wairere Boulders! Wairere is an exciting crag full of boulders of all difficulties. Whether you're new to outdoor bouldering or a seasoned pro, there's something for you. Check out their website:

Wairere Boulder Trip

Date: October 6-8
Location: Wairere Boulders 70 McDonnell Road, Horeke
Plan: We will meet at the Quad at 6:30 pm on Friday 6th October and depart for Northland. Most likely dinner stops on the way in Whangarei, though this is subject to the car you are in. We will run a briefing each morning before climbing for the weekend. Departure times will vary based on driver preference.

Note: There will be a compulsory volunteer activity on one of the days as a way to give back to the crag owners.

Additional note: We will not be providing food for this trip. You will need to bring your own meals and snacks.

Price: $40 + Fuel: Each day of bouldering will cost $10, and each night camping will also be $10. Fuel costs are to be split between the passengers in each car.

Experience Required: Open to all levels, but all climbers are expected to be present to spot others while they are not climbing. If you are unfamiliar with spotting, we will be running a demonstration before

Gear: A proper gear list will be emailed in a confirmation/follow-up email. A basic trip packing list can be found at
Due to the nature of the crag, we have decided to limit sign-ups to 30 people. Initial priority will be given to those willing to drive, those with personal boulder pads, and instructors. The remaining spots will be allocated based on participation in previous club events.

Sign-ups will close on September 24th. An invitation to attend the trip will be sent out to the successful applicants within 4 working days. Successful applicants will have some time to confirm their spot by paying the climbing/camping fees to the club. If payment is not received in time, the spot will be allocated to someone else.

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