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Whakapapa Lead Trip

Hi Auracians,

I am organising a trip to Whakapapa on the 21st - 23rd of April during the mid-sem break, weather permitting. This trip is open to lead climbers and above unless you have an independent climber to climb with, as there is limited top-roping available.

Whakapapa Lead Trip

If you need help cleaning gear off routes, please climb with someone who can clean the route/check that there is someone willing to clean the route for you. The plan is to drive down at about Friday midday/afternoon, have a full day of climbing on Saturday, and a half day on Sunday before returning to Auckland. We will hopefully be staying at the UASC lodge and climbing on the West Face of Meads Wall & at Whakapapa Gorge.

Sign ups will close on Tuesday the 11th of April.

Whakapapa Gorge & Meads Wall is on Mt Ruapehu and is one of the most scenic crags (in my opinion) with excellent climbing. It is, however 1600m above sea level (the same height as the beginning of the Whakapapa Ski Field), so bring warm clothes. The UASC lodge is in Iwikau Village, at the top of the Bruce, it does have limited capacity, so if there aren’t enough drivers, or there are too many sign-ups, a waitlist will be created.

The Plan:
Midday Friday - carpool down to Whakapapa. It is a 4 - 6 hr drive depending on traffic conditions.
Saturday - Climb at Whakapapa Gorge, moving to Meads Wall if it gets colder in the afternoon.
Sunday - Climb at Whakapapa Gorge/Meads before heading home at about 2 or 3 pm.
*If you want to come and go at different times, you will need to sort your own rides and please let me know in the sign-up comments.

There is a cost of between $19 - $24 per night to use the UASC lodge, and we would be staying for 2 nights. The cost will be confirmed when the numbers are known. You should also account for paying your driver fuel money which may be between $40 and $70 depending on the number of people and fuel efficiency.

Gear needed:
- Sleeping bag
- Toiletries - toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, etc.
- Personal medication
- Toilet paper
- First aid kit
- Sunscreen
- Head torch

- Shirts
- Pants/shorts
- Thermals & puffer kacket
- Wind-proof jacket/raincoat
- Socks & undies
- A beanie/buff is highly recommended
- Thin gloves for cold beans

- Climbing gear/borrow it from the club

- 2x Breakfast
- 2x Lunch
- 2x Dinner (or buy one on the drive down)
- Snacks
- Cards/games/entertainment for the evenings

Route guides:
Whakapapa Gorge:
Mead's Wall:


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