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Lead Course 2023

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

Last weekend saw a fresh bunch of recruits up their skills on the wall with an introduction to lead climbing.

The course started out with some phantom climbing, allowing the students to practice clipping and making calls with minimal risk, while belayers could familiarise themselves with giving out rope.

With a bit of confidence under their belts, it was time for fall practice; an essential, but somewhat nervy skill to learn outdoors. But before long, the students were comfortable and leading the rest of the climbs.

Day two saw us move on to bigger and better walls, with several instructors even building on the previous anchor setting and rappelling courses and supervising abseils from the of climbs. Some students eventually felt comfortable enough to try it on their own; an impressive feat for a short space of time.

To give a little back to our lovely hosts, we spent a few minutes helping clear some of the gorse from the crag too.

A huge congratulations to all those that attended, and a big thanks to our instructors for all of their time and insight. Extra praise is reserved for Leo for organising such a wonderful course.

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