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outdoor trips

Along with lots of indoor climbing, AURAC also goes outdoor climbing! This includes sport climbing and bouldering trips, as well as trad climbing trips for those more experienced. You haven’t really climbed until you’ve been outdoors. Being inside a gym clinging to grimy holds is nothing compared to hanging off a rock ledge over a lake. Outdoor club climbing trips are usually over the weekend and there are also day trips. Sometimes, trips to Te Waipounamu (the South Island) are organised.

Some of the more common Te Ika-a-Māui (the North Island) crags we go to include Waipari, Kawakawa Bay, Ti Point, and Stonefields. These crags are usually a 2 to 3 hour drive and we organise carpooling for these trips. Our trips are for members only; you only have to pay for fuel and food if we have a shared dinner.


Most of our trips are beginner friendly, if not it will be specified in the trip information email. We have accredited members to help set up ropes and guide you if you are new to climbing. If you require any climbing gear, AURAC provides this.

All the information regarding upcoming trips is sent out via email, including the sign-up form link. If you are not receiving these emails please contact the Memberships Officer.

If you have any queries, please contact our Trips Officer.



The two orientation trips (held within the first 3 weeks of semester 1 and 2) are the biggest of the year, where we introduce the new members to the great outdoors and get to know everyone. It is usually held at Waipari in Wharepapa South; a crag with lots of climbs for all levels, and nice green grass to relax on.

easter trip

At Easter, we run a trip to Kawakawa Bay in Taupo. The crag is beautiful and scenic, with many single-pitch and multi-pitch climbs available.


packing list

  •   Any climbing gear you have; otherwise AURAC will provide you with everything you need

  • Crag guide

  • Food and snacks

  • Water

  • Cooking set, gas, lighter, and utensils

  • Sleeping bag and mat

  • Tent

  • Head torch

  • Sun kit: sunblock, hat, sunglasses

  • Toiletries: personal medication, toilet paper, etc.

  • COVID-19 kit: face covering/mask, soap and hand sanitiser

  • Appropriate clothing for the conditions and weather: jacket, rain jacket, pants, warm clothing, etc.

  • Appropriate footwear: you might need to walk to the crag

  • Togs, towel, and jandals if swimming

  • Phone and wallet: ID and money

  • First aid kit

  • PLB if going to a remote location

  • A deck of cards is always a good idea  

  • Anything else your trip organiser tells you to bring!


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